Kosovo’s president Hashim Thaci and prime minister Ramush Haradinaj congratulated Thursday NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, on NATO’s 70th anniversary, Gazeta Express reports.

Haradinaj posted in his Facebook a letter that he sent to Stoltenberg reminded that twenty years ago, NATO intervened in Kosovo to prevent genocide.

“Twenty years ago, NATO defended the most basic human rights of the people of Kosovo in the face of a genocidal campaign of murder and terror.

Mindful of current threats to freedom and security around the world, we look forward to taking our place in the alliance of NATO states and to playing our full part in defending international order and rule of law,” Haradinaj wrote.

Also President Hashim Thaci congratulated Stoltenberg on the anniversary of NATO.

“Congratulations dear friend.

We thank NATO and you personally for supporting secure environment.

Dialogue is the only way to guarantee peace in Balkans and Kosovo’s future prompt accession to Partnership for Peace and eventual NATO membership.

This is a consensual aim of our people,” Thaci wrote. /GazetaExpress/